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Wednesday Program (PDF)

Keynote Session: Advances in Photonics
Chair: Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National University, Australia

bullet Keynote Address:
Advances in Active Photonic Integrated Circuits
Larry A. Coldren, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Agility Communications Inc, USA        

bullet Keynote Address:
Advances in Physics and Growth Technologies of Quantum Dots for Nanophotonic Devices
Yasuhiko Arakawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Invited Papers:
bulletEpitaxial Nanostructures for Quantum Dot Lasers and Novel Optoelectronic Devices
Dennis G. Deppe, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
bulletElectrical Magnetization Control in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors
Hideo Ohno, Tohoku University and ERATO JST, Japan
bulletHigh Functionality in Room Temperature Operating Single-Electron Transistors and Silicon Nanocrystal Memories
Toshiro Hiramoto, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Thursday Program (PDF)

Keynote Address
Chair: Lorenzo Faraone, University of Western Australia, Australia

bullet Keynote Address:
Photonic Nanostructures and Devices Based on Photonic Crystals
Susumu Noda, Kyoto University, Japan  
Invited Papers:
bulletPhotonic Crystal Devices
John O'Brien, University of Southern California, USA
bulletPhoton Upconversion Devices
H. C. Liu, Institute for Microstructural Sciences, Canada

bulletAn integrated MEMS/IR Sensor Technology for Microspectrometers
Lorenzo Faraone, University of Western Australia, Australia
bulletStudies and Modelling of Polymer Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Jean-Michael Nunzi, Universite d'Angers, France
bullet Miniaturization and Integration of Micro/Nano-Photonic Devices for Optical Printed Circuit Board (O-PCB) and VLSI Photonic Applications
El-Hang Lee, Inha University , South Korea
Friday Program (PDF)
Invited Papers:
bullet A Physical Model and Scattering Dynamics Engineering for Intersubband Lasers and Photodetectors
Paul Harrison, University of Leeds, UK
bullet An Overview of Self-Mixing Sensing Applications
Thierry Bosch, Electronics Laboratory, ENSEEIHT, France

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